移印錶面設計工作坊 Pad Printing Workshop

移印錶面設計工作坊 Pad Printed Dial Workshop

移印 (Pad Printing) 是凹版印刷的一種,亦是舊式的傳統造錶面的方法之一。

Pad Printing is a form of intaglio printing. Ink is first spread onto a steel image plate called cliché, on which the printing image is etched or engraved. Then excessive ink is scraped away with a doctor blade, leaving behind the printing image in ink. A silicone pad picks up the ink and transfers it to the printing surface. Pad printing is a traditional method of printing watch dials.
In our (Pad Print Dial Workshop), you can create your own cliché and pad print your own customized dial. You can add personal elements, like hand-written words or images, onto your dial. A manual pad printing machine in traditional style will be used in the workshop, so you can experience the traditional manual craft of printing dial.  

怎樣開始? How to start?

EONIQ Pad Print Workshop


Some spare materials will be prepared for you to learn and practice the process. After practices we will prepare a new watch dial for you to do the pad printing, and then we will install the dial onto your very own mechanical watch.